Naughty Dolls also offer the same skin softness 4woods dolls offer which is their best selling point. Entire doll body consists from soft skin. By lightly feeling, your finger sinks into doll’s skin like marshmallow, which keeps you want to feel it more and more. You are going to want to always keep her close by you.

You can check out the softness of our dolls on this page.





Breasts are the area which requires more softness compared to other areas. In order to achieve a sensitive feel, we seal in elastomer inside breasts which is a different material from the body. Please see in this “MOVIE” how sexy these breasts look when “touched” “pushed” “grabbed” and “picked”.

Video for doll breasts →



Other area

“Softness” is felt from not only the bust and the stomach but also each part.





By selecting “soft head feature”, you can enjoy softness in doll’s head. This is an attractive option which allows you to press doll’s forehead with a finger, pinching its nose and touching its lips.

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