We take care of design for all our body styles and face characters in-house starting from making the first image to creating a prototype. We try to imagine what our customers are potentially looking for, discuss what is in trend, review our current line-up and study required technologies and available material so that we can “develop” the exact doll based on our image.

With help from experts, we also run various researches and tests on a regular basis to improve the dolls’ skeleton, feeling of skin and inner structure. These changes are implemented not only in our new model but also in our existing models so that we can provide easy-to-handle attractive dolls at all times.

This is our basic approach to doll making.

We first receive orders from our customers and then start manufacturing dolls based on the selection of each feature. Every doll is all hand-made, and we do our best to meet each customer’s requests including a difficult one.



How we manufacture and complete a doll after receiving an order


Confirm order details and receive a full payment from customer

Process doll skeleton based on a body type

Assemble doll skeleton

Prepare doll’s inner structure which offers light-weight and a wide range of motion

Adjust silicone color

Place doll’s core (skeleton) in a molding box

Implement our special technology in the required areas such breasts and stomach

Cast original silicone & Wait for silicone to cure

Apply after treatment on cured silicone

Apply paint and makeup based on customer’s request

Apply various options

Complete and clean the doll

Carefully pack the doll in a shipping box D

eliver the doll to customer based on his request

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