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・Head Only・


・Doll Full Set・


・Doll Accessories・

Customers who do not own 4woods doll can purchase a head alone.

( Contents )
Head Wig

( A doll full set include the following. )
Body Head Hole (two types) Wig Hair brush Original Costume Baby powder Puff Repair kit Lotion Instruction manual Stick (to undress body and head, to insert marriage hole only for dollswith use of methodin Japan)

( Optional )
Skeleton for Hands Pubic Hair Implant Soft Stomach Feature Soft Face Feature Real Hole Cap Nail Chip(For hands) Nail Art(For hands) Nail Chip(For feet) Nail Art(For feet)

Customers who do not own 4woods doll can purchase these accessories.

・Real Hole Cap
・Head Stand

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