In additional to dolls, we also develop and manufacture our own holes which are an important part of dolls. Our holes come in four different colors with a specially formed inner structure. Please enjoy the time with your doll with Original A.I.Hole.

4woods Original『A.I.Hole』


Twine type(No leakage)

Its inner structure is so unique and complex that when you insert yourself, you will get such a great feeling you have never had before.


Spiral type(No leakage)

This hole type has series of spirals inside, and when you push and pull, it gently wraps and stimulates your shaft with a great feeling.


Snugly Type(No leakage)

This well-calculated maze-like hole gives you amazingly soft sensation. It almost makes you scream “There is no one like this!”


Tiny Bubble Type(No leakage)

As you can tell from the name, these tiny beady bubbles continuously stimulate you. This addictive sensation will wrap you with an ecstasy.

What A.I.Hole offer is not only a great feeling, but their looks are great too. They look very natural and real.
We are sure that you will not be disappointed by their appearances. We proudly introduce our new A.I.Hole which is a result of our great effort in making our dolls look as real as possible.


※ After playing with your doll, please take out the hole, turn it inside out, and gently wash it with running water (warm water). After wash, turn it to original form and keep it separately from your doll without inserting it back.
※ If you would like to see a photo of the hole attached to a doll (vaginal area), please contact us via E-mail. We will send you an image file as an E-mail attachment.

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