Hair Arrange


Hair Arrangment varies slightly with each wig color. (with or without bangs, etc.)*Images for each hair arrangement sample by color are listed below.


Twin Tail

Standard twin tails in which hair is tied up high



Curly Twin Tail

Twin tails that are rolled up to make buns



Partial Twin Tail

Twin tails in which only side hair is tied


〇Hair Arrangement is a styling of the wig that is placed on the doll’s head. This Hair Arrangement is shipped with wig placed on the doll’s head.
〇Hair Arrangement uses a regular wig and arranged to a certain hair style. If you undo the hair styling, you can use the styled wig as a regular wig. We do not use the wig that is made especially for the hair-arrangement purpose. Therefore, we do not recommend those customers who are detail oriented to purchase the Hair Styling option because the details at the hair line may not be perfect.

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