All Naughty Dolls come with our original costume. These costumes are made by our designer from scratch not only to make them look good but also to make it easy to put on and off and be gentle on dolls’ body. They pay attention to detail to dolls’ body size and line to design these costumes.


White Cat Costume

This naughty costume has kitten like cuteness combined with seductive sexiness, which makes you want to “slip in your hand” to those hidden places.

Elf Costume

This new Elf costume has the design that accentuates the “breasts” and “hips” by hiding them just slightly, which creates an out of fantasy like attractiveness that doesn’t exist in this world.


White Bunny Costume

This is the costume that’s not only great in design, but also functional. Costume is not only cute and seductive, but we focused on “easy to put-on, take-off and the softness of the fabric”.

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