We offer two different body types for Naughty Dolls: “Body 1 (A.I.doll EX)” is a beautiful standing model with gorgeous breasts. “Body 2 (A.I.doll S+)” is a flexible model with slender legs.
This page lists each body type’s features and selling points. Please take a look and compare when you select a body type. We also have videos on this page that are not on the Gallery page. Enjoy watching our sexy love dolls!




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LoveDollBody1 LoveDollBody2

Body1(A.I.doll EX)

Height 157cm(5’2″) Weight 28kg(62lbs)
B 80/ W 58/ H 85(B32″/W23″/H34″)UnderBust 66(26″)

Body2(A.I.doll S+)

Height 160cm(5’2″) Weight 26kg(57lbs)
B 77/ W 56/ H 85(B30″/W22″/H34″)UnderBust 64(25″)




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Body1(A.I.doll EX)

The best feature of Body 1 (A.I.doll EX) is its beautiful and sexy “long-lasting standing pose.” (by using three supporting points, such as feet, hand or hip)
For those who are feeling like feet fetish, Body 1(A.I.doll EX) is able to keep a beautiful standing pose with its legs closed.   Gallery→


Body2(A.I.doll S+)

“Fit with doll’s skin and stability of hip joint to accept user’s body” are the most sought after features of doll.
In order for users to spend a special time with doll, Body 2 (A.I.doll S+) is designed to offer a wide range of motion based on our customers’ feedback.
You can expand photos by on mouse them.  Gallery→

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