Doll Accessories


“I want to rearrange my doll the way I like!” For those customers, we offer a wide variety of doll accessories.
By taking advantage of various accessories, original costume, and special makeup, customize “your own dream doll.”


Special Costume

There are three Special Costumes we offer, White Cat, Elf and White Bunny.

Special costume details→

Natural Costume

There are five Natural Costumes we offer. They are perfect for customers who prefer to enjoy natural beautify of our dolls.
These costumes are gentle to love dolls; fabric is stretch which makes dressing/undressing of dolls much easier.



There are six types of shorts available that are gentle to love dolls.
Natural type “Panty with ribbon, Full lace panty and Full cover panty” and Sexy type “T-back panty, See-through Panty, and Panty with pearls.”


Gloves for Naughty Dolls are specially selected so that it is easy to put on and off. They do not cover fingers so it is very easy.
Boots can be unzipped all the way to the ankles so that you do not have to struggle.
Both come in white color which is a perfect match with Special Costumes.


Nylon stockings

You can also purchase stocking which is convenient to put on boots.
We have full-size and half size.

Pet Accessory

We also offer various accessories based on an idea of dolls as a “Pet”.
You can select pet accessory from “Cat ears & tail”, “Collar”, “Handle with chain” and “Handcuffs.” They are made with cute pink color.



We offer 20 different types of wigs with color variation of natural looking “Brown” and “Black”, elf perfect “White”, cute “Gold” and fantasy “Pink, Blue, Green and Orange.”

Marriage Holes

We offer four different inserts. Each has well-calculated texture and gives you a unique pleasure. With “Twine” type, you can enjoy the feel of pushing forward.
“Spiral” type gives you gentle sensation which makes you last for a long time. “Snugly” type makes you super soft sensation. “Tiny Bubble” type has many small bumps which give you amazing stimulation.

Marriage Holes details→



We selected a gentle type lotion which includes hyaluronic acid and is weak in acidity. It is easy to wash off too and a perfect for you and your love doll.

Head Stand

We also offer head stands for customers who have multiple heads for one doll body. *Delivery time for head stands is approximately three weeks.


Real Hole Cap

Real Hole Cap gives a realistic look when you display your doll.
Please see the photo for its realistic look. *This item is not for actual use, only for display purpose. This silicone cap can be attached to the doll for a long time without any problems.

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