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Naughty Dolls Lineup

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What is Naughty Dolls?


Concept of Naughty Dolls is pet-like dolls, “Cute and lovely dolls which make you want to hold them. By looking at them, you feel soothed” and “Love dolls you want to tease and get teased. They drive you crazy.”

They maintain sexiness of real women but offer you a lovely unique appearance which makes you forget about your busy everyday life and makes you feel like you are in a sweet dream world and unforgotten excitement.

Naughty Dolls are a combination of real and unreal, new doll life. That’s the concept of Naughty Dolls.

What we want to deliver to you is doll based on your dream and to be loved only by you. By using utilizing our various costumes and options, please make your dream doll and hold her in your arm for ever.




All Naughty Dolls come with our original costume. These costumes are made by our designer from scratch not only to make them look good but also to make it easy to put on and off and be gentle on dolls’ body. They pay attention to detail to dolls’ body size and line to design these costumes.

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Make up


You can select Naughty Dolls’ makeup from “Regular Makeup” as well as “Special Makeup” at no extra charge. With Regular Makeup, you can enjoy character’s original cuteness. With Special Makeup, you can enjoy unrealistic special feel of the character.

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You can select a wig from regular black, brown, blonde as well as additional five unique colorful colors. We also offer a service “Hair Arrangement” for those customers who are concerned whether they can make the same hair style as the one on our website.

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More information and details for Naughty Dolls.

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